Sunday, August 7, 2011

hello? is this thing on?

oy vey! I have been a total slacker when it comes to posting my miles and stories associated over here... let's see in the past couple of weeks how many miles I can recall....

last week of July:
2 miles of swimming
7 miles of running
21 miles of bike riding

so far in August
1 mile of swimming
13 miles of bike riding
13 miles of running (and walking in Vegas)

That will bump up the miles total a bit, but I have to admit after Julies injury I kinda lost hope that we would reach our goal.... Maybe next time, but I'll still keep tracking the miles as much as I remember :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updated Miles!

The title is correct... I finally got around to updating our mileage ticker.

We are sitting at just under 350 miles. 

When I say "we" I use the term loosely... considering I've amassed a total of two miles in the last nine weeks. Thankfully Amey & Maria are helping us out in light of my injury or we would never make it. 

The good news is I can extend my bike time at the gym if all goes well at my next physical therapy session. Then I can start being a contributing member of our quest to reach Chicago-land!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

workin on it...

My hubby and I went for a 2.5 mile walk tonight with the puppers in tow. It was a beautiful first day of summer here, low 70's. When we got home I got most of the lawn mowed too... ahhh. another productive/active day :)

time to get busy and get out miles rolling!

Well, obviously I haven't been putting in as many miles as I had hoped for with my unfortunate turn of events (getting my band removed). I did get about 5 miles in the week before my surgery, but yesterday I got right back up on that horse (well, actually it was a bike) and put in 9 miles! yaya! I'm officially in triathlon training mode so I will be back often with more miles. The triathlon (my first) is only about 8 weeks away.

So here is me, just after my 9 mile bike ride...

Monday, May 2, 2011

News & An Addition

As you may have read over on my regular blog, I have re-injured my ankle. How did this happen? Walking into the store on base. The parking lot has these round holes that have some sort of metal in them. My foot went in the hole, my ankle rolled, and that's that. It was feeling a little better by the next morning, so I attempted to walk around the local street fair with Mr. Husband. The street is torn apart for a construction project. Some brilliant mind thought it would be a "good idea" for people to experience the festival as they would have when it was started many moons ago... with gravel, dirt and sizeable potholes. Naturally we were walking slow and I was trying to be careful... but I didn't see a hole and rolled the ankle again. Its swollen, achy and screams at me if I put in a vertical position for any length of time. Today I have been camped out on the couch... too stubborn to drag my butt to the doctor despite saying last night I was going to.

No clue how long I'm going to be out of commission. Just because I can't get out there and run or climb stairs don't count me out. Pretty sure I can still manage to do free weights and core sets if nothing else. Hopefully I will be able to peddle a bike in a few days. Fingers crossed.

In light of the injury, this seems like a good time to add a new member to help us "reach Chicago-land." So as of today... the sassy blonde known as Donut Butt will be helping us add miles as we trek to Chicago. Yay! We are super excited to have her join us.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

back at it... finally!

I've had a bit of an absence from getting miles in... mostly due to just feeling like crap for about 3 weeks- I tried to do 2.5 miles on Sunday, but after just one mile my lungs hurt, and I actually felt like I might vomit. I have never gotten sick like that running so I decided to walk to rest of it. I did get my 2.5 in on Sunday, just mostly walking instead of running. What ever it is that I picked up during spring break has hung around and over stayed its welcome! I am ready for it to vacate my body- so today I drug kindly invited one of my co-workers to run with me (the whole accountability thing works for me, I knew I would do it if I invited her). We got 2.5 miles in. Not too shabby for my second run of the month!!! May will be better. I'm doing a 5k on Sunday. Everyone say a prayer that my lungs don't soontaneously combust and I think I might survive it... wish me luck! If I make it I'll have about 8 miles in for this week.

here is happy me after my run today~

**oy! what a mess in my office!

PS- Ms. M when you feel better don't forget to add in my miles to the ticker! :) thx

Monday, April 18, 2011

Things Seen on the Walk

Today I logged a whopping 3.2 miles!

With Non-Daughter for company.

We had a few amusing moments along the way...

There was the "white" walkway that looked more like a Dalmatian... think seagulls near the water here. It was quite the site. Thank goodness the weather was nice & the birds were elsewhere.

Next came the so obvious you just have to giggle out loud sign that read "Danger: Falling May Result in Death" at the edge of a very high cliff. Seriously, we're pretty darn sure here that if you're old enough to read the sign you don't need someone to tell you that. Not to mention the rather large fence keeping you back from the edge. Guess ya can't be too careful though.

We came across the "big" dogs with the "little" barks... or so we thought. We were walking along when from across the street we hear this yappy little bark that sounded like it came from a small dog. Looking over all we saw were two very large dogs standing in the yard. Thinking for dogs that big it sounded like a guy getting kicked in his hmmhmm... we walked a little closer. That's when we saw in addition to the two big dogs there were in fact two little dogs in the yard as well. Almost like each dog had its job: the big ones to stand there and look tough, the little ones to do the "talking."

Toward the end of the walk - as the sun was setting - we encountered some of the neighborhood deer. We have a ton of deer that roam the neighborhood. During the day its perfectly normal to see several of them out and about when we're coming or going. Pretty much any time I walk at night I assume that I will see them. When we see the deer out we jokingly call them "Breakfast," "Lunch," and "Dinner." So tonight being no exception we saw first one deer... and I flippantly called out to it... and on "Lunch" the deer turned around and looked at us. I know it was probably just reaction to the voice... but still the timing was kind of funny. Then we saw a second one a bit further away in the field. It was the third deer of walk that made the biggest impression. We see the deer milling around alot, but rarely (if ever) running . This deer - though - was trotting right along just on the other side of the fence from us. Then he leaped over the fence & bounded across the road right in front of us... maybe 10 feet away. It was totally awesome... breathtaking to watch the deer in motion that close to where we were.

It was a great walk and marks the greatest distance I have covered in a single walk of the neighborhood. Hoping the weather cooperates so we can get out there and do it again tomorrow.

We're inching closer to Idaho every day!